Attachment name

The attachment adapter command (-ATT or -ATTACH) processes message attachments.

When used for a data source, you can read attachments (instead of the note text) by omitting the filename.

When used for a data target, this command changes the location of data supplied through the map from the body of the email to a file attachment when you specify the filename. For example, if the map rule is the text literal Hello World, the body of the email contains "Hello World". If you then enter -att sample.txt for the Target > PUT > Target > Command in the output card, the text literal Hello World will appear in the attachment as a text file with the name sample.txt; the body of the email will be empty.

-ATTACH filename
For data targets only, supply the name of the attachment file. For data sources, omit this option.

To generate the name portion of the attachment's filename using the adapter, supply a filename in extension-only format (for example, .ext).