Raw (-RAW)

Use the Raw (-RAW) command in an input card to dump out the received message without interpreting or processing the header fields. Use it on an output card if the data specified contains the header data.

The type tree RawInet.mtt in the examples directory (install_dir\examples\adapters\email) can be used to create the header data.


The -RAW option is only compatible with internet email transport protocol (-PROTO INET). If used with another protocol, it will be flagged as an error.

Similarly, the -RAW command is incompatible with all other header options:

  • -BCC
  • -CC
  • -HDR
  • -TEXT
  • -TYPE

An error will be flagged if any of these options are used when -RAW is specified.

Note: This command is only supported by the internet email transport protocol.