Example FTP adapter trace file

Retry Count is 0. Retry Interval is 0. Rollback is OFF.
Fetch Unit is 0.  Burst Mode is OFF
Run Started at 08: 49: 38.911 on 03/28/00.
>220-  (S)
>220-This is a demo version of the Vermillion FTP Daemon, licensed only for (S)
>220-a 30 day evaluation period. For continued use, you must purchase a (S)
>220-license. For more information or to download the latest version, please (S)
>220-visit Arcane Software on the web at `http: //www.arcanesoft.com'. (S)
>220-  (S)
>220-Note: This session is limited to 15 minutes. If you are transferring a (S)
>220-      file at that time, the system will wait until it is complete (S)
>220-      before automatically disconnecting you. (S)
>220   (S)
<USER sls

>331 Password required for sls. (S)
<PASS sls>

230 User sls logged in. (S)

>215 UNIX Type: L8 (S)
Setting AIX/UNIX-specific parameters.
<CWD /d: 

>250 CWD command successful. (S)

>200 Type set to I. (S)

>227 Entering passive mode (127,0,0,1,8,230) (S)
Using port `2278' for the connection.
Connecting to `'.
Socket Opened.
<RETR rollback.gif

>150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for rollback.gif (187714 bytes). (S)
(187714 bytes received)
Socket Closed.
Connection closed.
>226 Transfer Complete. (S)

>221 Goodbye. (S)
Socket Closed.
Connection closed.
Winsock Client ID 1 disabled.
Read 187714 bytes from /d: /rollback.gif.
Data in E: \167.tmp kept.
Run Completed at 08: 49: 39.742 on 03/28/00.