Use the GXS adapter command (-GXS) to allow proper connectivity with the GXS VAN using an FTPS connection.


When using the -GXS adapter command, you do not need to use the -IMPLICIT adapter command.

For example:

-TV -GXS -URL FTPS://john_doe:1234@gxsics.com/send/
  • creates a trace verbose file in the directory where the map is located.
  • specifies that a GXS (-GXS) secure connection to the server is used.
  • specifies sending the file using FTPS to the URL address secure.com.
  • specifies the user id name John Doe and a password of 1234 are used to login to this account.
  • specifies that sendfile will be transferred in ASCII mode (type=A).
  • specifies send will be the directory where the sendfile is stored.