The following is a listing of all the codes and messages that can be returned as a result of using the FTP adapter for sources or targets.

Adapter return codes with positive numbers are warning codes that indicate a successful operation. Adapter return codes with negative numbers are error codes that indicate a failed operation.

Return Code
Insufficient memory to continue
Library Initialization Failed
Invalid Entry Point. (AIX adapters only)
Could not load adapter
Error Sending Data
Error Receiving Data
FTP: Insufficient memory to continue
No data provided. Create on content specified: no data sent.
Could not interpret STOU response! Target file will not be renamed.
FTP Setup failed
FTPRecv() failed
FTPSend() failed
No URL was specified
Invalid SSL protocol
Invalid SSL algorithm strength
Code page values invalid for this system
Unable to initialize code page descripton
Specify both -CPR and -CPL or neither
Code page translation results in unequal character counts
Iconv() failed to convert all characters
The move option is missing a value. The move option requires a target directory name or file name.
Move option value exceeds its size limit.
Internal Error: Resource Manager Error
where -??? Is an error code returned from the server, made negative and where ???? is a server-supplied error message