Stage (-STG or -STAGE)

Use the Stage adapter command (-STG or -STAGE) to:

  • specify that uploaded data should be staged in a temporary or shadow file.
  • prevent partial updates of a file to be transferred. This is especially important if the FTP server processes uploads in an automated fashion.

During an upload, the FTP server generates a uniquely named temporary file. When the transfer has completed successfully, the original file is deleted and the temporary file is renamed. For this process to succeed you must have access rights associated with your user ID to delete and rename files, and if the optional file name (file_name) is omitted, the server must provide a correct Store Unique (STOU) response. The adapter issues a warning if the server response cannot be interpreted. It is recommended that you run a preliminary test to ensure that the process completes successfully.

-STAGE [file_name]
Specify a unique file name for the temporary file. This option is especially useful if a server does not supply unique file names.