Header (-HDR)

Use the Header adapter command (-HDR) to send message headers from data in a map file or to return message headers to the map file.

In addition to generating new headers, you can append user-supplied headers, which eliminates having to duplicate all of the adapter-generated headers in order to add a new header.

Note: The header and body data must be separated by <CR><LF><CR><LF> when sent to the HTTP Adapter. This is illustrated in the http.mtt example type tree's Header and Headers groups. Each header is terminated by <CR><LF>, and the Headers group is terminated by another <CR><LF>.
Append user-supplied headers. This option eliminates the need to duplicate all of the existing adapter-generated headers when you add a new one.
In a request-reply scenario, indicates headers are provided in the input request, but should not be returned in the response

See also: "HTTP Header Adapter Command (-HDR) Example".