HTTP Adapter commands

The following table lists valid commands for the HTTP Adapter, the command syntax, and whether the command is supported (✓) for use with data sources, targets, or both.

Name Syntax Source Target
Certificate Authority (-CA) -CA filename
Client Certificate (-CERT) -CERT filename
Client Certificate Password (-CPASS) -CPASS password
From (-FROM) -FROM address
Header (-HDR) -HDR[+][I]
HTTP(S) URL (-URL) -URL {HTTP|HTTPS}://[user[:pass]@]
Ignore (-IGNORE) -IGNORE error_code[:error_code...]
Inline Output (-INLINE) -INLINE  
Listen (-LSN) -LSN seconds  
Method (-M or -METHOD) -METHOD method_name
Modified Since (-MOD or -MODIFIED) -MODIFIED http-date
Private Key (-PKEY) -PKEY filename
Private Key Password (-KPASS) -KPASS password
Proxy URL (-PROXY) -PROXY {HTTP|HTTPS}://[user[:pass]@]
Redirections Allowed (-REDIR or -REDIRECT) -REDIRECT limit
Session (-SESSION) -SESSION session_id [*]
SOCKS URL (-SOCKS) -SOCKS {socks4|socks5}://[user[:pass]@]
SSL Encryption Strength (-STR) -STR {WEAK|STRONG|ANY}
SSL Protocol (-SPROTO) -SPROTO {SSLv2|SSLv3|SSLv23|TLSv1}
Status Code (-SC or -STATUS_CODE) -STATUS_CODE {map_return_code=HTTP_status_code[,map_return_code=HTTP_status_code...] | map_return_code:map_return_code[:map_return_code...]=HTTP_status_code}  
Status Page (-SP or -STATUS_PAGE) -STATUS_PAGE file_name[*].file_type  
Status Page Default (-SPD or -STATUS_PAGE_DEFAULT) -STATUS_PAGE_DEFAULT file_name.file_type  
Timeout (-TIMEOUT) -TIMEOUT time_in_seconds
Trace (-T or -TRACE) -T[E][+][S|V] [full_path]
Type (-TY or -TYPE) -TYPE content_type [charset=encoding]