SSL Protocol (-SPROTO)

Use the SSL Protocol adapter command (-SPROTO) to set the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol level. SSL enables the adapter to process HTTPS URLs. If -SPROTO is not specified, the SSL Protocol defaults to SSLv23.

This command is applicable only when the SSL secure_mode setting in the hip_install_dir\dtx.ini configuration file is set to 0 and RSA-based SSL encryption is in effect. This command is superseded by an SSL secure_mode setting of 1 or 2.

Specify SSL protocol version 2.
Specify SSL protocol version 3.
Specify SSL protocol version 2, version 3, TLSv1, or TLSv1.1.

Whenever the protocol method of SSLv23 is specified, the protocol of first choice is TLSv1.1, with fallback to TLSv1, then to SSLv3, and finally to SSLv2.

Specify Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version 1.