Sample adapter trace file

HTTP Adapter, Version n.n(nn)
Copyright © 2006, IBM Corporation.  All rights reserved
Built for WIN32 - INTEL on Apr  9 2004 at 19:54:37.
Command Server is 'install_dir\dstxcmdsv.exe'.
Retry Count is 0. Retry Interval is 0. OnFailure is Commit.
Fetch Unit is 0.  Card Mode is Integral.
Run Started at 09:33:07.685 on 04/14/04.
Options used: audit,trace,name,url
Using http: protocol.
Using HTTP/1.1.
[WSAStart: Entering]
[WSAStart: bWSStarted = 0, nWSClients = 0]
[WSAStart: Attempting WinSock initialization.]
[WSAStart: WinSock initialized successfully.]
Windows Sockets Version 1.1 will be used.
Windows Sockets Version 2.2 is supported.
Windows Socket Description is 'WinSock 2.0'.
Windows Socket System Status is 'Running'.
Windows Socket supports up to 32767 socket(s).
Windows Socket supports UDP datagram of up to 65467 bytes.
Windows Socket has no additional vendor-specific information.
[WSAStart: SSL library load succeeded.]
Sockets Client ID 1 enabled.
[WSAStart: Exiting (rc = 1)]Server host is 'kp'.
Using port '80' for the connection.
Connecting to 'kp'.
Socket Opened.
<GET / HTTP/1.1
Host: kp
User-Agent: HTTP-Adapter/7.5(79)
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Length: 0
X-Abandon-After: 2147483647
(0 bytes sent)
>HTTP/1.1 200 OK (S)
(8 lines received)
(2062 bytes received)
Server type is 'Microsoft-IIS/6.0'.
Run Completed at 09:33:08.654 on 04/14/04.  Cleanup deferred.
Socket Closed.
Connection closed.
[WSATerm: Entering]
[WSATerm: bWSStarted = 1, nWSClients = 1]
Sockets Client ID 1 disabled.
[WSATerm: nWSClients remaining = 0]
[WSATerm: Attempting WinSock shutdown.]
[WSATerm: Exiting]
Run Completed at 09:33:13.482 on 04/14/04