Session (-SESSION)

Use the Session adapter command (-SESSION) to coordinate an HTTP request and response.

This is a required command.

-SESSION session_id [*]
Specify the session identifier used for matching purposes. When receiving the HTTP request in a map, this contains the agent-assigned identifier. This identifier must be returned in the HTTP response.
Permits all HTTP session ID's to be passed from the input card to the output card. You must enter a space between the -SESSION command and the asterisk (*) option for it to process correctly.

For example, if you specify:

-url localhost:8080/example -session * -type text/html -tv+

This command specifies the following:

  • specifies the entry to search for the HTTP server called localhost on port 8080 and request the /example page.
  • allows all session id's to be passed from the input card to the output card
  • specifies text/html as the MIME Content-Type for the file used in the adapter request
  • enables a verbose trace file called in append mode