Status Code (-SC or -STATUS_CODE)

The -STATUS_CODE option returns an HTTP status code through the HTTP listener to the external HTTP client that requested a particular URL. The HTTP status code is associated with one or more map return codes. You can customize the HTTP status codes or use the default codes defined in the [M4HTTP] section of the hip_install_dir/dtx.ini configuration file.

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   |                    .-,------------------------------------------------------. |   
   |                    V                                                        | |   
   '-+- -STATUS_CODE-+----+-"map_return_code=HTTP_status_code"-----------------+-+-'   
     '- -SC----------'    '-"map_return_code:map_return_code=HTTP_status_code"-'       

The numeric code indicating the map execution result. See the Map Designer description of map execution and warning messages for a list of execution codes.
An official HTTP status code maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).
To specify multiple map return code/HTTP status code combinations on a single -STATUS_CODE keyword, separate each combination with a comma (,) character. For example:
-STATUS_CODE “30 = 400 Bad Request, 12 = 404 Not Found”
To link multiple map return codes to a single HTTP status code, delineate each map code with a colon (:) character. For example:
-STATUS_CODE “8:9:30 = 400 Bad Request"