Status Page (-SP or -STATUS_PAGE)

The -STATUS_PAGE option returns a text file that contains the execution results of a session-specific map to an external HTTP client. The map can dynamically construct the file by using pre-defined variables that resolve at map run time.

-STATUS_PAGE is optional. If you omit it, the HTTP listener returns the default status page defined in the [M4HTTP] section of the hip_install_dir\dtx.ini configuration file.

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   '-+- -STATUS_PAGE-+--+-file_name.file_type--+-'   
     '- -SP----------'  '-file_name*.file_type-'     

The file name of the status page file that the HTTP listener returns to the HTTP client. If the file name is not qualified, the map directory is used as the file path.

Optionally, you can generate a session-specific file name by appending an asterisk (*) wildcard character at the end of the file name. The wildcard character resolves to the Launcher session ID and timestamp.