Channel definition (-CD)

Use the optional Channel Definition adapter command (-CD) to specify the client-connection channel definition, which is used by the IBM® MQ Client adapter at runtime to establish the connection to the queue manager.

Note: The Channel Definition adapter command (-CD) can be used only with the IBM MQ Client adapter. (The connection will fail if the IBM MQ Server adapter is used.)

If this command is used, the MQSERVER, MQCHLLIB, and MQCHLTAB environment variables are ignored by the adapter for connecting to the IBM MQ Queue Manager.

By defining this adapter command, it is possible to connect to multiple queue managers from the same map using the MQ Client adapter, because each connection will be specified using a different -CD adapter command.

-CD channel_name/transport_type/connection_name
Specify the name of the server-connection channel that must be set up on the queue manager to which the IBM MQ Client adapter is connecting.
Specify the name of the communication protocol used to establish the connection with the queue manager on the IBM MQ server. The following values are valid:
  • LU62
  • TCP
  • SPX

It is the user's responsibility to correctly specify this value. The chosen transport protocol must be supported in the underlying IBM MQ environment.

Specify the name of the connection. The format of this value depends on the communication protocol that was selected with transport_type. For example, for the TCP communication protocol, the connection name consists of the IP address and the port number on which the MQ listener on MQ server host is waiting for the client requests.

For example:


This command specifies the following:

  • CHANNEL1 is the name of the server-connection channel.
  • TCP is the name of the communication protocol used to establish the connection.
  • is the name of the connection. The IP address can be in IPv4 (for example, or IPv6 (for example, a:b:c:d:0:1:2:3) format.