Group message (-GRP)

Use the Group Message adapter command (-GRP) for data sources to specify retrieval of messages from a single group from the source.

-GRP [group_ID]
This is the GroupId field of the MQ Message Descriptor (MQMD)

For example, to specify a message group with the GroupId of GroupA, the syntax would be:

-GRP GroupA

If the Quantity adapter command (-QTY) is not specified, only one message belonging to the group will be retrieved. If group_ID is not specified, the first message group encountered is considered the active message group and is retrieved. You can explicitly specify the number of messages to retrieve using the Quantity adapter command (-QTY). The group name has a maximum size of 24 bytes and may contain spaces. If the value contains a space, it must be enclosed with double quotation marks as shown in the example below:

-GRP "Group A"

The double quotation mark character can also be used as part of a value. To do this, the double quotation mark value must be represented by a pair of double quotation marks. For example, if you wanted to specify a message group with the GroupId of Group "A", you would need to enter the following:

-GRP "Group ""A"""

If the Group Message adapter command (-GRP) is used with an event source queue, the adapter will initially browse the queue and look for a message that belongs to the group whose group_ID was provided. If group_ID was not provided, the first message that belongs to any group will be retrieved and the adapter will keep note of the ID of that group. From that point on, only messages that belong to the same group to which the first message belonged will be retrieved.