Ignore group message (-XGRP)

Use the Ignore Group Message adapter command (-XGRP) for data sources to ignore the group messages on the queue and not to treat them as individual, physical messages. The default behavior of the IBM® MQ adapter is to process all physical messages, including group messages, as individual events.


The Ignore Group Message adapter command (-XGRP) causes the adapter to ignore any group messages on that queue for the source event card. If both groups and non-group messages are to be processed as events from the same source queue, the Group Message 2 (-GRP2) command can be used as described on page Group message 2 (-GRP2).

If the Group Message adapter command (-GRP) is used with an event source queue, the adapter ignores non-group messages on that queue. It only processes the messages from the group specified with the -GRP adapter command, or, if no group was specified, the first group that it locates on the queue.

If neither -XGRP nor -GRP is used, all messages are treated as non-group messages and processed individually.