IBM MQ adapter commands

The following table lists valid commands for the IBM® MQ adapter, the command syntax, and whether the command is supported (✓) for use with sources, targets, or both:

Name Syntax Source Target

Channel Definition (-CD)
(use with Client side only)

-CD channel_name/transport_type/connection_name
Cluster Queue Manager Name (-CQMN) -CQMN [cluster_manager_name]  
Coded Character Set ID (-CCSID) -CCSID numeric_identifier
Complete Message (-CMSG) -CMSG  
Convert (-CVT) -CVT  
Correlation ID (-CID) -CID [correlation_ID]
Default Header (-DH) -DH  
Error Queue Manager Name (-EQMN) -EQMN error_queue_mgr
Error Queue Name (-EQN) -EQN error_queue_name
Message expiration -EXPIRY time  
Global Transaction Management (-GTX) -GTX
Group Message (-GRP) -GRP [group_ID]  
Group Message 2 (-GRP2) -GRP2  
Header (-HDR) -HDR
Hex Correlation ID (-HCID) -HCID hex_correlation_ID
Hex Group Message ID (-HGRP) -HGRP hex_group_ID  
Hex Message ID (-HMID) -HMID hex_message_ID
Ignore Group Message (-XGRP) -XGRP  
Listen (-LSN) -LSN {0|S|wait_time_in_sec}  
Message Buffer Size (-MBS) -MBS bytes  
Message Format (-FORMAT) -FORMAT message_format  
Message ID (-MID) -MID [message_ID]
MQOPEN Options (-MQOO) -MQOO option_number
Packet (-PKT) -PKT packet_size  
Password (-P) {-PASSWORD | -P} password
Quantity (-QTY) -QTY {value|S}  
Queue Manager Name (-QMN) -QMN queue_manager
Queue Name (-QN) -QN queue_name
Refresh Message Cursor (-REFRESH) -REFRESH [reset_time]  
Require All Messages (-ALLMSG) -ALLMSG  
Require All Segments (-ALLSEG) -ALLSEG  
Trace (-T) -T[E|S] [full_path]
Transmission Error Queue Name (-XEQN) -XEQN x_err_queue_name
Transmission Queue Name (-XQN) -XQN x_queue_name  
User (-U) {-USER | -U} user_ID
Version 2 (-V2) -V2
Wait Interval (-WI) -WI {0|S|wait_interval_in_milliseconds}