MQOPEN options (-MQOO)

Use the MQOPEN Options adapter command (-MQOO) to explicitly set the numeric value of the Options parameter in the MQOPEN API call made by the adapter to the MQSeries® library when opening a queue.

-MQOO option_number
Valid values are any positive integer that represents the value of the option parameter in the MQOPEN API call made when opening a queue.

As an example of the required option usage, if you want to specify an open option for the queue to be used on the output side with an MQOO_FAIL_IF_QUIESCING property, you must specify more than the MQOO_FAIL_IF_QUIESCING value (8192). You must also add the MQOO_OUTPUT option value (16), which indicates that the queue will be opened for output (storing messages). The correct syntax for this example would be:

-MQOO 8208

because MQOO_OUTPUT + MQOO_FAIL_IF_QUIESCING = 16+8192 = 8208.

The valid value is important; otherwise, the MQOPEN, MQGET, or MQPUT calls made by the adapter may fail. For the options and their corresponding values that can be used with the -MQOO adapter command, see the MQ Open Options section in the IBM® MQ Application Programming Reference.

The MQOPEN Options adapter command (-MQOO) must be accompanied by the Queue Name adapter command (-QN) and the Queue Manager Name adapter command (-QMN).

For example, to specify the target queue named target_q under the queue manager qmgr for message outputs (where 16 is the numeric value of the MQOO_OUTPUT option), the syntax would be:

-QMN qmgr -QN target_q -MQOO 16

To specify the source queue named source_q under the queue manager qmgr, for message input in browse mode with shared access (where 10 is the numeric superposition of the MQOO_INPUT_SHARED (2) and MQOO_BROWSE (8) options), the syntax would be:

-QMN qmgr -QN source_q -MQOO 10