The following is a listing of all the codes and messages that can be returned as a result of using the IBM® MQ adapter for sources or targets.

In addition to these codes, the IBM MQ adapter can return IBM MQ error codes. Consult the IBM MQ documentation for descriptions of these codes.

Adapter return codes with positive numbers are warning codes that indicate a successful operation. Adapter return codes with negative numbers are error codes that indicate a failed operation.

Return Code
Trace file could not be accessed
Adapter command is incorrect
Queue could not be opened
Message could not be stored on the queue
Message could not be retrieved from the queue
Connection could not be closed
Global transaction could not be started
Transaction could not be rolled back explicitly
Transaction could not be committed
Queue could not be closed
Invalid message format
Transaction monitor not supported
Error queue operation could not complete
Unable to Begin Commitment Control (HP NonStop ZLE)
Unable to Backout (HP NonStop ZLE)
Unable to Commit (HP NonStop ZLE)
Segmentation not supported (HP NonStop ZLE)

See IBM MQ and error code relationships" for more information.