Quantity (-QTY)

Use the Quantity adapter command (-QTY) to specify the number of messages to retrieve from the source queue, without regard to message IDs. If the Quantity adapter command (-QTY) is not specified, the default value is 1.

-QTY {value|S}
This returns all messages on the queue.
This is a positive integer representing the number of concurrent multiple messages to be retrieved.

For example, to specify a quantity of ten messages, the syntax would be:

-QTY 10

The Quantity adapter command (-QTY) defines the maximum number of messages across all bursts for a map.

The number of bursts in a single map execution can be controlled using the combination of values set in the Map Designer Source > FetchAs > FetchUnit setting and the Quantity adapter command (-QTY).

When using the Quantity adapter command (-QTY) with the S option through either the Launcher or the Command Server, the Listen adapter command (-LSN) is also required with a value specified other than S.