Require all messages (-ALLMSG)

Use the Require All Messages adapter command (-ALLMSG) for data sources to specify retrieval of messages in a group only when all messages in that group are available.

The use of the -ALLMSG adapter command automatically sets the requirement that group messages are returned in their logical order and that segments of logical messages are returned in the order of their offsets.

This must be considered when specifying additional selection criteria (such as the -MID or -CID adapter commands). It may be possible that the message which satisfies this additional criteria is not the message with the smallest sequence number and/or the smallest offset in its group, which will prevent it from being retrieved from the queue.


If the source queue contains an incomplete message group, the Require All Messages adapter command (-ALLMSG) prevents retrieval of any messages belonging to the incomplete groups.

For information about incomplete message groups contributing to the size of CurrentQDepth, see "Incomplete message segments".

The Require All Messages adapter command (-ALLMSG) implies that all segments in a logical message must be available for retrieval. Therefore, it is not necessary to specify the Require All Segments adapter command (-ALLSEG) in conjunction with -ALLMSG.