Trace error (-TE)

This adapter command produces a trace file containing only the adapter errors that occurred during map execution.

When this adapter command is specified, an adapter trace file is produced by default in the map directory, using the full name of the map file with an .mtr filename extension.

You can use this command in the output card (target) and in a GET or PUT function. Use the options listed below to append the trace information to an existing trace file or to specify a filename and path other than the default.

-TE[+] [full_path]
Append trace information to an existing trace file. (There is no space between TE and +.)
Create a trace file with the specified name in the specified directory. If you do not specify a directory (path) and filename, the adapter trace file ( is created in the map directory by default.

The Trace Error adapter command (-TE) and the Trace adapter command (-T) are mutually exclusive.