Running the Java Class Importer

About this task

Use the Java™ Class Importer to create a type tree in order to manipulate Java objects from within a map using the Java Class Adapter.

To run the Java Class Importer:


  1. Open the Type Designer.
  2. Select Import a type tree in the Startup window and click Next. Or select Import from the Tree menu at anytime while the Type Designer is running.

    The Importer Wizard dialog appears.

  3. Select Java Class and click Next.

    The Java Class Importer Wizard appears. Follow the steps to automatically generate a type tree for a java class.

  4. Type a fully qualified class name of the class (in this example, java.awt.Scrollbar) that you want to import and click Next.

    Optionally, select the Include inherited members from the super classes check box if you want to include inherited members.

  5. Select a constructor from the dialog. Click Next.
    Note: It is possible to proceed to the next step without selecting a constructor. In that case, only static methods can be involved, or you may use the class instance obtained in the preceding cards to invoke the non-static methods through the this item in the type tree.
  6. Optionally, select the Check here if you wish to return the public fields of the object check box, if you want the adapter to return the public fields of the object. Click Next.
  7. Select the methods that you want to be executed by the adapter. Click Next.

    You must reorder the methods into the order that you want them to be executed. To execute a method more than once, right-click on it, select Copy, position your cursor where you want to place the method, right-click again and select Paste.

  8. Select the methods for which you want return values to be returned by the adapter (in a GET call). Click Next.
  9. Enter the name of (or browse for) the type tree that you want to create. Click Next.

    The type tree is created and displayed in the Importer Wizard.

  10. Click Finish. The following window appears.
  11. Click Yes if you want to open the generated type tree(s). Click No to close the Importer Wizard and return to the Type Designer application.