JMS-specific Properties

This category includes properties, both required and optional, that are predefined by the JMS specification. These properties are named using the format JMSX<property>, that is, each key begins with the prefix "JMSX" .

Required properties must be supported by all JMS-compliant providers. The required properties include:

  • JMSXGroupID
  • JMSXGroupSeg

Optional properties are currently defined and can be set by the provider. The optional properties include:

  • JMSXUserID
  • JMSXProducerTXID
  • JMSXConsumerTXID
  • JMSXRcvTimestamp
  • JMSXDeliveryCount
  • JMSXState

These properties are not required to be supported by providers.

JMS-specific Properties Table

The following table lists the properties and their significant contexts:

Field Set by Significant Context
JMSXUserID Provider on send Source
JMSXAppID Provider on send Source
JMSXDeliveryCount Provider on receipt Source
JMSXGroupID Sender Target
JMSXGroupSeq Sender Target
JMSXProducerTXID Provider on send Source
JMSXConsumerTXID Provider on receipt Source
JMSXRcvTimestamp Provider on receipt Source
JMSXState Provider None