Using Message Properties

If the -PRP command is used in a source, all the available properties (application-specific, vendor-specific and JMS-specific) are returned from the adapter. If the properties group is used in the type tree of a target, then values can be mapped to the property fields.

Note that any adapter commands will override any values that are mapped to these fields and that all fields are passed between the engine and the adapter as UTF-8 data.

When a type tree is generated using the JMS Importer, the Properties group contains a dummy text item, since it is not possible to know which properties will be contained within the JMS message. Therefore, it is necessary to manually create the items in the property group.

The example type tree, Text_in.mtt (located in the examples folder) shows an example set of properties that can be used as a template.

Perform the following steps to add properties to a type tree.

To add properties to a Type Tree

  1. Create an item in the Properties category. The Item Subclass should be set according to the following table:
    Java™ Type Item Subclass Type Attribute in Initiator
    boolean Number->Integer "boolean"
    byte Number->Integer "byte"
    short Number->Integer "short"
    int Number->Integer "int"
    long Number->Integer "long"
    float Number->Decimal "float"
    double Number->Decimal "double"
    java.lang.String Text "java.lang.String"

    For all properties except for the properties of java.lang.String type, the initiator of the item that is representing it should be:

    <Property_Name type="type">

    and the terminator of the item type should be:


    For the properties of java.lang.String type, the initiator should be:

    <Property_Name type="type"><![CDATA[

    and the terminator should be:


    Property_Name is the actual name of the property, and type is one of the values listed in the above table.

    <![CDATA[ and ]]> enable XML content to appear as a string value for the property of java.lang.String type. They ensure that the XML parser ignores the value of this property, that is, that it does not treat it as part of the XML document that represents the JMS message structure. Note further that the property value should not contain the "]]>"substring because it serves as a closing marker for the CDATA section.

  2. Add the item to the Properties unordered group.