Trace (-T) command

The -TRACE command produces a log file of HL7 MLLP adapter activity.

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   '-+- -T ----+--+-E-+--+--file_name-'   
     '- -TRACE '  '-V-'                   

Creates a trace file that contains only the adapter errors that occurred during map execution.
Specifies verbose mode. The log file records all activity that occurs while the adapter is retrieving data. The default maximum size of the data that is to be logged is 256 bytes. To trace more or fewer bytes, set the TX_SOCKET_MAX_BYTES_IN_TRACE_MESSAGE environment variable.
Appends the trace information to the existing log file. Omit this keyword to create a new log file.
The file name and, optionally, path to the log file. If the file name contains spaces or special characters, enclose the file name in quotation marks (for example, "test-file.txt"). The default log file name is m4mllp.log. By default, the log file is created in the directory where the map is located.