Error returned to engine (-5)

The following audit execution log file message

Error returned to engine: (-5) Could not open queue, MSMQ error MSMQerror_code

can be generated for different reasons:

  • login permissions not established for you

    Login permissions can be set at the server and corresponding queue object level. Whatever you have used as a login ID does not match the respective setting, disallowing your access to the queue.

    The Launcher uses the system login ID as a default. You might need to change the Microsoft Windows control panel Services settings.

  • transactional messages on non-transactional queues

    You are trying to put or get a transactional message to or from a non-transactional queue.

If you are having trouble doing a PUT and the log file indicates that the properties are correctly set, make sure the property you are trying to set does not involve a resource that you do not have or that you are referencing incorrectly. For example, you might reference an encryption algorithm that is not supported on the other end or you might have a sender security certificate that must be validated against an external certificate authority that is not properly configured.