MSMQ Adapter commands

The following table lists valid commands for the MSMQ Adapter, adapter command syntax, and if the adapter command is supported (✓) for use with data sources, data targets, or both.

Name Syntax Source Target
Correlation ID (-CID)1 -CID value
Global Transaction Management (-GTX) -GTX
Header (-HDR) -HDR
Label (-LABEL) -LABEL message_label
Listen (-LSN) -LSN {0|S|wait_time_in_sec}  
Queue Name (-QN)2 -QN machine_name\queue_name


-QN .\queue_name

Quantity (-QTY) -QTY {value|S}  
Trace (-T) -T[E|S] [full_path]
Transactional Queue (-TQ) -TQ

1The use of wildcards with this MSMQ Adapter command is supported. For more information about this support, see Wildcard Support.

2For more information about specifying different kinds of queues, see Queue Name (-QN) .