Map4 uses burst mode to map multiple messages from one queue to another. Ten messages are transferred from the .\queue1 queue to the .\queue2 queue.

The GET > Source > Transaction > OnSuccess setting is Delete, specifying that the messages retrieved from the input queue will be deleted from that queue. The SourceRule > FetchAs setting is Burst, specifying retrieval of the messages in the burst units as specified in the SourceRule > FetchAs > FetchUnit setting. The GET > Source > Command setting is:

-QN .\queue1 -HDR -QTY 10 -LSN 3 -T

The Quantity adapter command (-QTY 10) specifies that ten messages should be retrieved from the .\queue1 queue. The FetchUnit setting of 1 specifies that one message is retrieved per burst.

Before you run this map, .\queue1 should contain at least 10 messages. You can run Map3 to place 100 messages on it. These messages are needed to run Map4. Run Map4.