Map7 explains how to use a map to read messages from dead letter queues. After Map6 has been run, the MyLabel message has been placed on the Xact Dead Letter queue. Map7 takes the message from this queue and stores its body to the FileXact.txt output file.

Similar to any other queue, dead letter queues are specified in adapter commands using the Queue Name adapter command (-QN). However, dead letter queues have a special naming convention. Each machine can have only one transactional dead letter queue and one non-transactional dead letter queue.

The transactional dead letter queue is specified as:

-QN machine_name;DEADXACT



for the local machine.

The non-transactional dead letter queue is specified as:

-QN machine_name;DEADLETTER



for the local machine.

Because the queue1 destination queue is transactional, the GET > Source > Command input card setting in Map7 is:


Before you run Map7, you must first run Map6. Map6 places the message on the dead letter queue that Map7 is reading. Then run Map7.

The message from the Xact Dead Letter queue is mapped to the FileXact.txt file. Because the input card has the Source > Transaction > OnSuccess setting of Delete, the message will be removed from the queue after it has been received.