The following is a listing of all the codes and messages that can be returned as a result of using the MSMQ Adapter for sources or targets.

In addition to the following return codes, the MSMQ Adapter can return MSMQ error codes. Consult the MSMQ documentation for descriptions of these codes.

Adapter return codes with positive numbers are warning codes that indicate a successful operation. Adapter return codes with negative numbers are error codes that indicate a failed operation.

Return Code Message


Trace file could not be accessed


Adapter command is incorrect


Failed to load and initialize MSMQ library


Queue could not be opened


Message could not be stored on the queue


Message could not be retrieved from the queue


Transaction could not be rolled back explicitly


Transaction could not be committed


Queue could not be closed


Invalid message format


Transaction monitor not supported


Problem occured on the queue cursor


New transaction could not be started


Queue path could not be translated to the format name


Machine name could not be translated to the machine GUID


Transaction usage was required for a non-transactional queue