Additional Command (-ADDCMD)

Use the Additional Command adapter command (-ADDCMD) to specify additional options in the command line that is passed to the GnuPG executable.

These options are added to the options specified by the OpenPGP Adapter in the adapter command. See the GnuPG documentation to learn about the various command line options that can be used with the GnuPG.

If the Trace adapter command (-T) is specified, the adapter will trace the complete command line that was passed to GnuPG.

-ADDCMD " additional_command(s) "

For example:

-ADDCMD " --armor --version -verbose "
  • --armor creates ASCII armored output
  • --version displays the GnuPG version in the output message. By default, the version is not displayed.
  • --verbose generates some extra information about the progress of the performed action, which can later be looked at in the trace file.

    Use extreme caution with the -ADDCMD adapter command. Make sure that the GnuPG command options specified through -ADDCMD are not in conflict with the commands that the adapter uses. Do not use the -ADDCMD adapter command to specify options that can be specified through other adapter commands. For example, the -ACTION SIGN adapter command should be used for signing documents, and not -ADDCMD "--sign". The former format instructs the adapter to communicate with GnuPG in the signing mode, while the later one only tells the adapter to append additional commands to the initial GnuPG command line.

Also, note that the --comment GnuPG command option should not be specified through the -ADDCMD adapter command. The OpenPGP Adapter provides the -COMMENT adapter command that can be used for this purpose.