Command aliases

The PDF Adapter works with Acrobat forms and templates to generate a PDF document or extract data from all or part of an input PDF document.

Use PDF as the adapter command alias on input and output card overrides and in GET and PUT rules. For example:
Input source override execution command -IAPDF card_num
Output target override execution command -OAPDF card_num

Inbound adapter examples

Command line:
-U JohnDoe1040.pdf -S f1040.xsd
GET rule:
=PARSE(GET("PDF", "-S f1040.xsd", BlobIn))
Command line for reading pages:
-U txredbook.pdf -PAGE 22-23
-U txredbook.pdf -PAGE 22

Outbound adapter commands

Command line with template:
-U My1040.pdf -N f1040.names -P f1040.pdf
PUT rule:
=PUT("PDF", "-U My1040.pdf -N f1040.names -P f1040.pdf -T", Input)