PDF Adapter

The PDF Adapter works with Acrobat forms and templates to generate a PDF document or extract data from all or part of an input PDF document.

In Design Studio, use the PDF importer (File > Import > PDF) to generate a native XML schema type tree and an associated name-lookup file from the Acrobat form (AcroForm) of a PDF document. The name-lookup file is required to generate formatted PDF output. The name-lookup file maps each type in the schema to the corresponding AcroForm field name, as follows:
You can use the native XML schema type tree for mapping, but do not edit the names in the schema. To change schema field names, edit the AcroForm and import the native schema (.xsd) type tree from the PDF document again. On output, the PDF Adapter can generate a formatted PDF file from an Acrobat form, or Acroform template. Without a template, the adapter can create a PDF file that contains unformatted text.