After specifying either an encode or decode command, data can be transported using a specified adapter. The transport adapter is called:

The -TRANSPORT command is used in the command line of an encoding or decoding adapter. If used from a GET, the transport_adapter must support request-reply and the adapter that is used with the first parameter of the GET must support both encode and decode functions.

For example:

-TRANSPORT 'transport_adapter (command_line)'

When reversing the chained adapters and using the -ENCODE or -DECODE commands rather than the -TRANSPORT command the -TRANSPORT command the behavior is unaltered.

For example, the following PUT function calls are functionally equivalent.

=PUT(" email ", "-TO -ENCODE ' SOAP (-T)'", Message)
=PUT(" SOAP ", "-T -TRANSPORT ' email (-TO'", 

See Transport Encode/Decode Examples for more information.