Using an adapter in the map designer

Use the Source setting on an input card or the Target setting on an output card to specify an adapter, for example, HTTP, or database, representing any of the database adapters. The adapter-specific commands are entered in the Command setting on the card. The adapter-specific commands define how to connect to the data source or target and how to retrieve or route the data.

Using the map designer, select an adapter for a source to retrieve files or data, or a target to transfer files or data.

Maps define how to generate data objects of a certain type. A map contains input and output cards that transform data content from source formats to target formats.

On an input card, a Source setting of File defines the input source as a file and the Source FilePath setting is used to define the Name and Path of the input file.

If the input data is coming from a database, the GET Source > Command setting might include commands specifying the database name, user ID, and password.

See the following example to learn how to specify the FTP adapter as a data source in the map designer.