Bad Data (-BD or -BADDATA)

Use the Bad Data adapter command (-BADDATA) for a target or in a PUT function so that if any inserts, updates, or procedure calls fail to execute, the data that could not be processed is written to a file you specify, and processing continues. The map completes successfully and the following adapter warning code and message are recorded in the execution section of the audit log:

1  One or more records could not be processed
-BADDATA[+] full_path
Append the information to the specified bad data file. This allows multiple cards or multiple iterations of the same map to be able to write to the same file.
Specify the name for the bad data file or the full pathname to specify the directory. By default, the directory is where the map is located. However, you must specify the file name.

If the PUT > Target > Transaction > Warnings setting is set to Fail in an output card, the data that could not be processed is still written to the specified file. However, the map fails.