Commit by Card (-CC or -CCARD)

Use the Commit by Card adapter command (-CCARD) to commit or roll back the transaction when the card has been processed. This command can be used for a source or target, or in a DBLOOKUP, DBQUERY, GET, or PUT function. When used for a source or within DBLOOKUP, DBQUERY, or GET functions, the behavior is identical to the Commit by Statement adapter command (-CSTMT) because there is only a single statement or action to be executed.

Note that even if there are multiple DBLOOKUP, DBQUERY, GET and PUT map functions in a single output card, each of them will be committed immediately upon execution and not after the card completes, even if they had the -CCARD adapter command specified.

If specified for a database output card, a commit or rollback, based upon the OnFailure setting of a card, is made after the completion of the execution of the output card in which multiple INSERT, UPDATE, or stored procedure statements may have been made.

For a source, this adapter command can be used when the input is a query that executes a stored procedure to perform inserts, updates, or deletes.


Using this command is equivalent to selecting Card as the PUT > Target > Transaction > Scope value. If you specify the Commit by Card adapter command (-CCARD), it overrides the value in the Scope card setting.