Database-specific adapter messages

After database adapter activity completes, messages display indicating the results. These messages may also be recorded in the appropriate files as specified, which may include audit logs, trace files, and execution summary. These codes and messages can be returned for the following database adapters:

  • DB2® (z/OS® ODBC)
  • DB2 (z/OS)
  • DB2 (Windows/UNIX)
  • Informix®
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • ODBC
  • OLE DB
  • Oracle
  • SQL/MP
  • SQL/MX
  • Sybase SQL Server

The following is a listing of all the codes and messages that can be returned as a result of using the database adapters for sources or targets.

You can also troubleshoot database-specific adapters by using the adapter Trace (-T or -TRACE) or the Trace Error (-TE or -TRACEERR) command.

Adapter return codes with positive numbers are warning codes that indicate a successful operation. Adapter return codes with negative numbers are error codes that indicate a failed operation.

Return Code
Database -b argument is required with arguments mdqfile -m and query -q
One or more records could not be processed
No data found
Memory allocation error
Failed to allocate ODBC environment
Failed to allocate ODBC statement
Failed to allocate ODBC connection
Failed to connect to the database
Failed to prepare the SQL statement
Failed to obtain definition of column
Failed to bind parameters to the SQL statement
Failed to execute the SQL statement
Failed to open a cursor
Failed to insert a row into the database
Failed to read file
Failed to open file
The input buffer was of incorrect form
Failed to write to file
Database type is unknown
Failed to parse SQL statement
Failed to define host variables
Failed to logoff the database
Failed to close the cursor
Failed to bind parameters to the SQL statement
Failed to fetch a long data value
Failed to perform a file seek
Failed to create file
The specified query could not be found
The specified database could not be found
Failed to load DLL
Failed to get address of function
Failed to fetch a row of data
Failed to get data from the database
Failed to get data from the database
No rows were updated
The number of rows affected was undeterminable
The supplied statement was syntactically invalid
Failed to create an execution thread
Failed to get extended error text
Table is not accessible
Failed to disconnect from the database
Failed to free the database connection
Failed to free the environment
MDQ file is invalid
Failed to close file
No database connection could be found
No database type was specified with -DBTYPE
Failed to find column attributes
Failed to get the number of result columns
Failed to get large data
Failed to cleanup the database connection
Databases are not supported
Failed to load DLL
Failed to get address of function
Failed to commit or rollback the transaction
Failed to free the statement
Insufficient data was provided
Failed to bind parameters to the SQL statement
Failed to define large data value
Failed to put large data value
Failed to commit the transaction
Failed to rollback the transaction
The update statement was invalid
No type could be found to match column name
No suitable presentation could be found for a column
No suitable presentation could be found for a column
No suitable presentation could be found for a column
Internal error
No more rows were returned
No trigger was defined for the input
Data was unexpectedly terminated
Required command line options missing
The database command line was invalid
Could not find environment variable
Failed to attach to database
Failed to convert datatype to native database type
Failed to get list of SQL servers
Failed to get list of databases
Failed to initialize stored procedure
Failed to set parameter to stored procedure
Failed to execute stored procedure
Failed to get column information
Failed to declare host variables
Command line token could not be found
Failed to create an event
The command line is too long
The function/procedure has no return value
A variable length binary column is not permitted
Error occurred writing to a LOB column
Error occurred reading from a LOB column
Connection to Open Server failed
Poll to Open Server failed
The map contains outdated DB parameters. Rebuild the map
An output date was of an incorrect format
Internal error occurred
Burst complete
Type already exists and override was not specified
No Row or ProcedureCall group can be found
Failed to format output from an object type
Failed to create an object
An object is not permitted in fixed schema
Failed to convert database parameters from ASCII to EBCDIC
One or more columns/parameters are of an unsupported datatype
Failed to configure run-time environment.
Failed to Allocate context structure, unknown reason or not enough memory
A trigger could not be defined for a watch event
Unique table columns are required for row-based watch events
Procedure is not accessible
The configured transaction manager is not supported
System error occurred while waiting for a watch event
Triggering is not supported for this adapter.
User terminated database access
The trace file name is too long, or the running directory is too deep

The database trace file name and/or the directory name in which the failed map is located, may be longer than 128 characters.

Ensure the file and directory name are shorter than 128 characters.

A trigger event could not be registered
Insufficient data passed to output card