List of commands

The following table lists each database-specific adapter command and whether the command can be used for a source or target, or in a DBLOOKUP, DBQUERY, GET, or PUT function. Usage is indicated with ✓. For a RUN function, any adapter command can be used as indicated for a source or target.

Name Adapter Command Syntax Source Target DBLOOKUP DBQUERY GET PUT
Audit (-A or -AUDIT) -AUDIT[G][+] [full_path]
Bad Data (-BD or -BADDATA) -BADDATA[+] full_path      
Connect String (-C or -CONNECT) (Oracle only) -CONNECT connect_string
Commit by Card (-CC or -CCARD) * -CCARD
Commit by Statement (-CS or -CSTMT) -CSTMT [number]
Delete (-D or -DELETE) -DELETE      
Database Name (-DN or -DBNAME) * -DBNAME database_name
Database Adapter Type (-DT or -DBTYPE) -DBTYPE database_adapter
Data Source (-DS or -SOURCE)
  • ODBC, DB2®
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase SQL Server

  • -SOURCE datasource
  • -SOURCE server\\database

File (-F or -FILE) -FILE [directory]      
Global Transaction Management (-GTX) (Oracle, Oracle AQ, Microsoft SQL Serveronly) -GTX
Database/Query File (-M or -MDQ) * -MDQ mdq_file_name
Password (-PW or -PASSWORD) -PASSWORD password
Stored Procedure Name (-PR or -PROC) -PROC procedure_name      
Query (-Q or -QUERY) -QUERY query_name      
Row Count (-RC or -ROWCNT) (ODBC, Oracle, DB2) -ROWCNT row_count    
SQL Statement (-S or -STMT) -STMT SQL_statement      
Table Name (-TB or -TABLE) * -TABLE table_name      
Trace (-T or -TRACE) -TRACE[+] [full_path]
Trace Error (-TE or -TRACEERR) -TRACEERR[+] [full_path]
Trigger (-TR or -TRIG) (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server only) -TRIG trigger_string        
Update (-UP or -UPDATE) -UPDATE [OFF|ONLY]      
User ID (-US or -USER) -USER user_ID
Variable (-V or -VAR) -VAR name=value...    

*A card setting exists. Using the adapter command will override any value set in the corresponding card setting. For examples, refer to Command Line Examples.