List of parameters

The following table lists the mtsmaker parameters that can be used for generating schemas, the parameter syntax, and if each one can be used (✓) with or without a database or query file. To access the list of mtsmaker parameters and the syntax for each parameter, enter mtsmaker parameters -H or ? on the command line.

Parameter Name Parameter Syntax With .mdq Without .mdq
Database Name (-B) -B database_name  
Data Source (-D)
  • ODBC and DB2®
  • Oracle
  • Sybase SQL Server
  • -D datasource
  • -D connect_string
  • -D server\\database

Type Tree File (-F) -F mtt_file_name
Stored Procedure Name (-G) -G stored_procedure_name
Database/Query File (-M) -M mdq_file  
Category Type (-N) -N type_name  
Tree Script File (-O) -O mts_file_name
Password (-P) -P password  
Query Name (-Q) -Q query_name  
SQL Statement (-S) -S "sql_statement"  
Table Name (-T) -T table_name
User ID (-U) -U user_id  
Variable Name (-V) -V name=value
Format (-X) * -X [F][O][T]
Database Adapter Type (-Z) -Z database_adapter_type  

The O option of the Format parameter (-X) can be used only with the Oracle adapter.