Update (-UP or -UPDATE)

Use the Update adapter command (-UPDATE) to enable update mode. Update mode causes update operations to be performed for tables or views based upon the defined update keys and key columns to update. For information about defining updating keys and key columns to be updated, refer the Database Interface Designer documentation.

If enabled, the default is to update each row, if possible, and upon failure, to insert the data. Optionally, you can specify to insert a row or update each row, if possible, and upon failure, to not insert the data. This command can be used either for a target or in a PUT function.

If used in a PUT function, you must define your update keys and columns to update in an .mdq file. Then specify this .mdq file in the PUT function using the Database/Query File adapter command (-MDQ), together with the Database Name adapter command (-DBNAME), the Table Name adapter command (-TABLE), and the Update adapter command (-UPDATE). The .mdq file must be available at runtime.

Insert a row. Insertions are allowed regardless of success or failure.
Update each row, if possible. Upon failure, do not insert the data.