Specifying the FTP adapter in the map designer

About this task

The FTP value for the Source setting in this input card identifies the FTP adapter as the source of the input data.

To specify the FTP adapter:


  1. In the input card for a map, set Source to FTP.
  2. For the Command setting, enter the required FTP URL adapter command
    (-URL), the name of the file to transfer, and other FTP adapter commands as needed.
  3. Click OK.


The Source Command value for the FTP input card above is:

-TS -URL FTP://sales@host/c:/forms/myfile.txt

When this map is run, a file named myfile.txt is retrieved from a remote host named sales. The Summary Trace adapter command -TS specifies that the adapter will create a summary trace file to report adapter activity information during the FTP process.