Specifying the TIBCO RV adapter in the Integration Flow Designer

About this task

The following example illustrates the use of the TIBCO RV adapter in the Integration Flow Designer.

To specify the TIBCO RV adapter:


  1. Open a system in the Integration Flow Designer.
  2. Open the Launcher settings for a map component.
  3. Go to the Input(s) #1 in1 > GET > Source setting.
  4. For the Source setting, select TIBCO RV from the drop-down list.
  5. In the Command field, enter a TIBCO RV adapter command. For example, enter:
    -SBN rvcm.test.in -CONFIRM -T -CMN input_CM -LFN rvcmcfmin.lgr 
    -LSN 100


This example input card retrieves incoming messages with the subject name defined as rvcm.test.in using the Subject Name adapter command (-SBN rvcm.test.in). The -CONFIRM adapter command requests that the messaging adapter send an explicit confirmation to the sender that the message was received after successful completion of the map. The Trace adapter command (-T) dictates that a trace file be created to report adapter activity information, recording the events that occur while the adapter is retrieving this data.

The adapter returns messages with the certified session named input_CM using the required Certified Session Name adapter command (-CMN input_CM). The ledger file named rvcmcfmin.lgr is specified as the ledger file to log the TIBCO Rendezvous PRO certified delivery for this particular certified session using the Ledger File Name adapter command (-LFN rvcmcfmin.lgr). The adapter waits 100 seconds for a message receipt, as specified using the Listen adapter command (-LSN 100).