Using the Sink adapter

About this task

The Sink adapter does not require any adapter commands for its operation. In addition, the Sink adapter does not access a persistent source or destination, therefore, a rollback and retry capability is not provided.

For example, use a Sink adapter instead of a file as the destination for temporary output. The advantages of using the Sink adapter include:

  • faster map performance due to less file I/O
  • reduced file resource conflicts when running multiple instances of the map
  • reduced disk space usage

This adapter can be used with the Command Server, Launcher, Software Development Kit, or in a map rule.

For example, using the map designer, select Sink for the Target setting in an output card dialog box. The Sink adapter does not require any additional card settings or adapter commands.

You can use the Output Target Override execution command (-OA) with the Sink adapter alias. For example, to override the output card with the Sink adapter so that the data is discarded, the command string would be:


The Sink adapter command line, for example, -OASINK1 ., must be followed by any dummy argument, for example, a period (.) or an asterisk (*) in order for the adapter to parse the information correctly.