Raw (-RAW)

Use the Raw adapter command (-RAW) to specify that the response message be returned unmodified, except the SOAP envelope header is removed.


If the -RAW command is specified, the only processing of the response data is:

The SOAP envelope header is stripped out. To keep the header specify -HDR.

Fault codes are interpreted

For example, using the -RAW command results in the data being returned as follows (intact, but without SOAP envelope header):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> 
- <SOAP-ENV:Envelope SOAP-
   - <SOAP-ENV:Body>
     - <SOAPSSDK1:AddResponse

If the -RAW command is not specified, then the following is returned:

  • The body of the request without the enclosing <Body>...</Body> tags
  • Any namespace prefixes are removed
  • Any attributes are removed

For example, the message shown above is returned as follows:

- <AddResponse>

See Source Options Behavior for more information on the behavior of the SOAP Adapter and its combinations of available options.