List of commands

Socket Adapter protocol options specify how data is delimited during the transfer process. The following table lists the valid commands for the Socket Adapter, the command syntax, and if the command is supported (✓) for use with data sources, targets, or both.

The following commands can be specified on the adapter's command line or through adapter properties. The commands are not case sensitive, but each value is case sensitive. For ease of use, most commands have a short form and a long form.

Command Syntax Source Target
Client Connection (-CCON) -CCON excl|shared  
Data Header (-DHDR) -DHDR 0x<hex terminator>

-DHDR terminator

-DHDR "terminator"

End Of File (-EOF) -EOF
End Of Message (-EOM) -EOM 0x<hex terminator>

-EOM terminator

-EOM "terminator"

Fixed (-FIXED) -FIXED size
Host (-H or -HOST) -HOST name or address
Inclusive Sized (-ISIZED) -ISIZED
Listen (-LSN) -LSN seconds  
Mode (-M or -MODE) -MODE server|client  
Number of Event Messages (-NEM) -NEM number  
Port (-P or -PORT) -PORT port number
Quantity (-QTY) -QTY number  
Service (-S or -SERVICE) -SERVICE service name
Trace (-T or -TRACE) -T[E|V][+] [file]
Window Size (-WNDSIZE) -WNDSIZE size