Archive File (-FILE)

Use the Archive File adapter command (-FILE) to extract a member to a file or instruct the adapter to add the contents of a file on disk to the specified archive in the map directory. Data passed from the output card is ignored.

-FILE filename [-UNIQUE]
Required value. Specify the name of the resulting archive file.
When extracting a member from the archive, this creates a file with a unique name to hold the data from the member.

When the Archive File adapter command (-FILE) is not specified, data passed to and from the adapter is through memory. For example, when extracting a member from an archive, the data is read into memory and then returned to the map. Similarly, when adding a member, the data is normally passed to the adapter in memory.

For example, to specify the edi_08011999.dat file as the resulting archive file:

-FILE edi_08011999.dat -UNIQUE