File Permissions (-PERM)

Use the File Permissions adapter command (-FILE) to set UNIX permissions on the file to be extracted or archived.

-PERM perm_num
Specify the permission number. Standard UNIX octal codes are supported.

For example, to specify the UNIX permission number of 0777 on the file to be extracted or archived:

-PERM 0777

When adding a member through memory the default permissions of 0777 are used. When adding a member using the Archive File adapter command (-FILE), the permissions on the file are used.

When doing an extract, specify the -PERM command to set the permissions for the extracted file if the -FILE adapter command was used. If the -FILE adapter command is not specified, the -PERM command is ignored.

The File Permissions adapter command (-PERM) is only supported in environments that support permissions.