Archive Restore

Use the Archive Restore command to retrieve files from a specified archive. Specify the following arguments with no preceding adapter command:

Specify the name of the archive that contains the files to be restored.
The comma is a required separator between options.
Specify the files to be restored from archive. The files_to_unzip must be a fully qualified path. If the file name is not a fully qualified path, the adapter returns a success status, but the file is not restored from the archive.

Specify multiple files as a space-delimited list of file names and paths. You can use standard DOS wildcards (* and ?). Enclose long filenames in double quotation marks ("longfilename"). Do not include spaces before the first file name or after the last file name.

Note: The Archive Restore command restores multiple files only to memory and only as one continuous data stream that concatenates all the selected data files. Multiple files cannot be individually restored to disk.